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Hoarfrost on the mountain today. It’s magical. We plan to go out with snowshoes shortly.

A moose cow visited early this morning. She showed up on camera at about 3:30am, moving slowly through the snow and leaving deep tracks in her wake. In the picture, above, you can see her tracks in the bottom right corner. She followed the same tracks up and back, and wandered the yard a little while she was here.

In the video, she appears rounded and heavy with calf, though (by my count) she would only be three or so months along. Gestation is about 230 days. I wonder if she is carrying twins.

The hoarfrost and moose visitation brings me back to my childhood in Alaska. We lived in the foothills outside Anchorage, and they seemed attracted to the open area behind our home. It wasn’t unusual to find two or three in the yard. I remember one morning looking out my window to find six cows there in snow up to their bellies.

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